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   年龄:18-40 (我司常规进口的年龄区间,亦可根据需要进口相应年龄段)

   健康状况良好,未怀孕,病毒检测– HIV I&II, HBV and HCV,  更多检测可根据客户需求









   可根据实际实验需要提供同一donor的小规格产品(15million50million100million)先进行测试,大规格库   存在测试期间我司可保留(单次可达100million*40vials,并可每月回召);

2.可根据实验需求推荐相应个体(如ADCC, MLR, T Activation等),亦可提供亚型含量高的产品(如NKCD14CD4CD8等);


   HLA typeCMV +-,年龄,BMI,性别,疫苗接种史,吸烟/非吸烟 等;



PeripheralBlood MNC (PBMC)

T Cell

PeripheralBlood CD3+ T Cells

PeripheralBlood CD4+ T Cell

Peripheral Blood CD4+CD25+ Regulatory T Cells

Peripheral Blood CD4+CD45RA+ Naïve Helper T Cells

Peripheral Blood CD4+CD45RO+ Memory T Cells

PeripheralBlood CD8+ T Cells

Peripheral Blood CD8+CD45RA+ Naïve Cytotoxic T Cells

B Cell

PeripheralBlood CD19+ B Cells

Peripheral Blood CD19+CD27+ Memory B Cells

Peripheral Blood CD19+CD27– Naïve B Cells

NK Cell

Peripheral Blood CD56+ NK Cells


Peripheral Blood CD14+ Monocyte Cells

Peripheral Blood Macrophage

Peripheral Blood Dendritic Cells



【About StemExpress】

StemExpress是全球最大的血液免疫学细胞供应商,其拥有全球最大的血液免疫学细胞供应Donor Pool(超10000人);

In 2010, StemExpress was created to change the entire industry by accelerating research and clinical trials through the implementation of our own Stem Cell Collection Centers, state-of-the-art cell manufacturing laboratories, and by actively creating the largest global network of hospitals and clinics to push research and studies forward, quicker and more efficiently. By shortening the time it takes to collect samples or isolate primary cells, we can help reduce months, and even years off a project. That means new cures and treatments can reach patient care faster, giving months and years back to the people afflicted with serious medical conditions.

Express is not just part of our name, it’s a commitment to acceleration because our work saves and improves lives.

StemExpress is the leading Biospecimen Provider of human bone marrow, cord blood, peripheral blood, Leukopaks®, Mobilized Leukopaks®, maternal blood, disease state products, and primary cells. We provide expediency from order to delivery and guarantee every sample arrives with the highest purity, viability, and quality researchers need to ensure confidence in their results.

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  • 2Yamada et al. (2014) G0S2 Inhibits the Proliferation of K562 Cells by Interacting with Nucleolin in the Cytosol. Leuk Res 38: 210-217. doi:10.1016/j.leukres.2013.10.006.Abstract
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