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External Resources


The structural antibody database (SAbDab) – A databaseof antibody structures including experimental details, antibody nomenclature,sequence annotations etc developed by the Oxford Protein Informatics Group andcollaborators.

ImmunoGeneticsdatabase (IMGT) – An excellent database of sequences ofimmunoglobulins, T-cell receptors and MHC developed by Prof. Marie-PauleLefranc and colleagues at the University of Montpellier.

Antibodystructure and sequence information – A thorough description ofantibody numbering and CDR definition developed by Dr. Andrew Martin atUniversity College London.

AHOs Amazing Atlas of Antibody Anatomy – A sitedeveloped by Dr. Annemarie Honegger at the University of Zurich as a tool forantibody structural analysis, modelling and engineering.

The story of CAMPATH – An interesting account of thetrials and tribulations that can be involved in taking a therapeutic antibodyfrom a research lab through to the clinic.

The story of César Milstein and monoclonal antibodies –As part of the Medical Research Council’s centenary programme Dr. Lara Marks(King’s College London) has produced an exhibition on the life, work and legacyof César Milstein.

CiteAb –A recently constructed and very useful citation driven search engine forresearch antibodies developed by Dr. Andrew Chalmers and colleagues at the Universityof Bath.

Database of immunoglobulins with integrated tools (DIG IT) –A database of annotated variable domain sequences.

Nature Milestones in Antibodies – A history ofkey scientific, technical and clinical developments in our understanding ofantibodies and their therapeutic application. Includes a useful collection ofrelevant publications.